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Online Booking Available for Dr. Hughes and Dr. Pengelly!

Dr. Tracy Hughes and Dr. Sarah Pengelly patients can book an appointment online!

For Dr. Hughes please CLICK HERE.

For Dr. Pengelly please CLICK HERE.

COVID-19 Letter to Patients
Please click on this link for a letter from your doctor.
Careers at Two Rivers Family Health Team!
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Confused about COVID? Family doctors answer your questions
COVID-19 Information Centre
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Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Our team is working hard to keep our staff and patients safe.  If you call to book an appointment, or attend a pre-booked appointment, you may be screened for symptoms of Coronavirus. 

If you have a cough, fever, and/or difficulty breathing and if you or someone close to you has recently travelled outside of Canada or has tested positive for COVID-19, PLEASE alert the clinic staff when you call in.  Please do not go to the clinic, as we are trying to reduce the traffic coming in to our clinics. This will help the staff to make the right decisions to care for you and prevent further spread of illness.

If you have been advised to self-monitor for symptoms, or self-isolate to prevent the potential spread of symptoms, please click here to view factsheets with guidance on how to self-monitor/self-isolate from Public Health Ontario.

These protocols are in place for your safety and the safety of others and we appreciate your cooperation.

For more information on the status of Coronavirus in Ontario, please click here to visit the Government of Ontario website.

Do you know your health care options in Waterloo Region?

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New Patient Wait List
We are not currently accepting new patients to our wait list.
Renew Your Health Card Online?
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LifeLabs Appointment Booking
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Patient Experience Survey
Please provide your feedback by completing the annonymous Patient Experience Survey.
Information about COVID-19 Vaccine Exemptions

There are only a few rare situations in which a medical exemption to the COVID-19 vaccine exists.  These include:

-Severe allergy to the 1st dose of a COVID-19 vaccine (or its components), confirmed by an allergist (your doctor can arrange this quickly, if needed)

-Myocarditis or pericarditis after a prior dose of COVID-19 vaccine, diagnosed by a physician

If you are undergoing chemotherapy or transplant, your specialist can advise on safe timing of your vaccines.

Please note:  Those with past COVID-19 infection or positive antibody test still require vaccination.

The province has advised that your doctor is not able to provide a letter to exempt you from a COVID vaccine on the basis of any religious or personal beliefs, or for any medical condition not listed above.

Please CLICK HERE for questions and safety information.